A Message from the Elders

Elder Anthony Bermel offers a word of encouragement

April 27, 2020

As there continues to be many unknowns and changes in our daily and weekly routines and our upcoming plans, I’m reminded of God’s control as I see the natural world so unchanged and unaffected by all that is going on. Spring is definitely here. The ice is going out on the lakes, the weather is warming, the grass is starting to turn green, the frogs have started to sing, and the walleyes are running. I love to watch (and protect) the walleyes as they fulfill their annual spring ritual. It’s quite a spectacle to see them come up into the shallow current of the rivers under the brilliant, starry skies and occasional northern lights displays. I feel very blessed to be able to have that as “my office” for my work as a game warden.

Yet, in stark contrast to spring coming as normal, things are indeed odd right now in society. Many guys in our church have been laid off from their jobs at the mines. Teachers are homeschooling and still doing their best to educate their students from home. Parents are busy trying to homeschool and adjust to having their kids home all day. High schoolers and college students are doing online classes and don’t know if their summer jobs or internships are going to pan out. And we haven’t been able to meet for a Sunday morning church service for over a month now. I hope most of you have taken the challenge to contact others in our church, are visiting the church website to keep up on the news and latest messages and words of encouragement, and have been in the Word and prayer in order to maintain (and increase) your spiritual health.

Psalm 63 and Psalm 5 are two of my favorite Psalms. If we can have the attitude of David the Psalmist in these two chapters and do the things he talks about, it will be great for our spiritual health and a mark of spiritual maturity. Psalm 63 talks about things like earnestly seeking God, thinking about Him even during the night, praising and glorifying Him, and meditating on Him. David wrote all of that while in a desert without food or water. Psalm 5 talks about things like talking to God right away in the morning, how incompatible sin and pride are when it comes to our walk with God, and just being in awe of God and finding joy in Him. While uncertainty remains and we eagerly hope for some semblance of normalcy again, let’s persevere and honor God in all we say, think, and do.

– Anthony

April 10, 2020

March 29, 2020

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