The Suffering Servant

In many Jewish synagogues, when the weekly Old Testament Scriptures (“Haftarah”) are read, you might hear Isaiah 52 and 54, but not chapter 53. Isaiah 53 is talking about someone, presented in the past tense and described with terrible suffering. The suffering was for someone else, and led to a good outcome. The One suffering is called, “My righteous servant.” Pastor Marlin walks us through Isaiah 53, and tells us about Jesus, the suffering servant.

March 31, 2019: “Salvation is Coming” – The series introduction gives insight into who the suffering servant is in Isaiah 53.

April 14, 2019: “Despised and Rejected” – Isaiah 53 presents a clear image of the Suffering Servant. It sounds a lot like Jesus Christ, but to the Jews, not like the Messiah. Hint: You won’t find a Hollywood Jesus in Isaiah.

April 19, 2019 (Good Friday) : “The Sinner’s Substitute” – The suffering servant in Isaiah 53 took on the sins of the world to be the sacrifice once and for all. This is our Good Friday Celebration message.

April 21, 2019: “Satisfied” – Our Easter message concludes the series. In Isaiah 53, the suffering servant will see life after death and be satisfied. What a victory!

Apr 19 – No study sheet