Associate Pastor Opening

Applicants Wanted for an Associate Pastor

We are a growing, active Evangelical church in the rural community of Embarrass, MN with a unique outreach and ministry to approximately 12 surrounding communities within a radius of 37 miles. In the past several years we have experienced a healthy growth in numbers and have felt God leading us to seek an Associate Pastor.

Our desire would be that the candidate closely match the requirements listed below.

  • Experience in church ministry (more important than education)
  • Preaching & teaching experience
  • Have a good feel for ministry
  • Partner well with the pastor (plan series with, pray with, be a friend & brother)
  • Be of good character (humble, willing to learn, approachable, able to accept advice)
  • Strong in young adult & family ministry (able to motivate them to get involved)
  • Able to counsel (sharing in this with the pastor)
  • Disciplined to put in the time (a self starter, able to work without supervision, an initiator, available when needed)
  • A desire for community involvement
  • Able to teach/lead small groups
  • Pro Bible Camp (promote camp, encourage kids - not necessarily involved in the camp itself)
  • Understand & be able to work within the Iron Range Culture (Associate as well as wife & family)
  • Must meet the qualifications of an Elder (as per 1 Tim & Titus)

To be considered for this position please submit a resume to the email address below or a written resume to the church address.

Evangelical Free Church of Embarrass

Attn: Search Committee Staff

5606 Taylor Rd

Embarrass MN 55732