Associate Pastor Opening

Applicants Wanted for an Associate Pastor

We are a growing, active Evangelical church in the rural community of Embarrass, MN with a unique outreach and ministry to approximately 12 surrounding communities within a radius of 37 miles. In the past several years we have experienced a healthy growth in numbers and have felt God leading us to seek an Associate Pastor.

Our desire would be that the candidate closely match the requirements listed below.

  • Experience in church ministry (more important than education)
  • Preaching & teaching experience
  • Have a good feel for ministry
  • Partner well with the pastor (plan series with, pray with, be a friend & brother)
  • Be of good character (humble, willing to learn, approachable, able to accept advice)
  • Strong in young adult & family ministry (able to motivate them to get involved)
  • Able to counsel (sharing in this with the pastor)
  • Disciplined to put in the time (a self starter, able to work without supervision, an initiator, available when needed)
  • A desire for community involvement
  • Able to teach/lead small groups
  • Pro Bible Camp (promote camp, encourage kids - not necessarily involved in the camp itself)
  • Understand and be able to work within the Iron Range culture (Associate as well as wife & family)
  • Must meet the qualifications of an Elder (as per 1 Timothy & Titus)


  • Working with families with young children (encouraging and equipping parents and families with young children to be the primary disciple makers of their children so that God’s Word and a Biblical worldview is learned and lived out in the home and the community)
  • Counseling Ministry with young marrieds and crisis counseling with individuals and couples as needed
  • Working with the Christian Education Ministry Team on education, developing and coordinating curriculum for children and young couples with children
  • Scriptural study time and sermon prep; minimum preaching and teaching as needed; working with lead pastor on weekly basis sharing strategies for groups 
  •  Sunday School teaching ministry on Sundays and/or teaching weekly small group studies with families with young children
  • Daily availability in church office; prep work and presence in church office on lead pastor’s Monday off (Associate pastor time off per week with family to be set.)

To be considered for this position please submit a resume to the email address below or a written resume to the church address.

Evangelical Free Church of Embarrass

Attn: Search Committee Staff

5606 Taylor Rd

Embarrass MN 55732